Sprint 1 – 27 August 2020

Despite not being able to physically meet we’ve had a really busy and productive first sprint. We have made the most out of the available technologies to help us stay in contact and motivated including; Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Miro, Trello, Slack, MetroRetro….. the list goes on!

So what have we been doing over the past few weeks? Well, quite a lot! We have:

  • Completed our Alignment workshop
  • Drafted a survey for other councils to help us (we will be sharing this very soon)
  • Prepared discussion guides and consent forms
  • Reviewed service pattern and types of systems in use
  • Had initial supplier conversations

Here is some more detail on a few of these outputs we wanted to share

Alignment workshop

The alignment workshop really gave us the clear focus and narrative for this relatively short project. We completed activities to align the team and stakeholders around:

  • Any work already done
  • Desired outcomes
  • Who we need to speak to
  • Our riskiest assumptions

The following themes emerged:

  • Defining success of this Alpha
  • Potential scope of a Beta phase
  • Understanding the user journey
  • The types of repair to be considered
  • Supplier engagement
  • Existing systems and possible integrations
  • Costs of any potential solution
  • Cross-council engagement
  • Capability and capacity within councils

Technical investigation

We’ve done some technical investigation work this sprint. We reviewed the Alpha prototype to define a simple data schema. We also made another iteration of the sequence diagram from that phase. We did this as a starting point to use to map out how and where councils hold repairs-related data. We also interviewed a developer on Hackney’s repairs hub project to help us understand some of the challenges of integrating with their Housing Management System.

Supplier conversations

The initial discussions have been overwhelmingly positive with the suppliers we have spoken to being very supportive of the project. The willingness to share technical documentation has been invaluable to us at this stage of the project, there is a lot to take in and synthesis as well as more suppliers we need to speak with so we will be sharing more as and when this is ready. So a big thank you to those who have already been involved.

Show and tell



We have gathered a lot of information over the past couple of weeks and are really starting to understand the potential options and barriers to making this a reality. The team is really enthused and are eager to start the Sprint 2 planning later today. We will be reaching out to other councils during this sprint to help us understand how we can make the output as reusable to everyone so we’d really appreciate your contributions to this. In the meantime please continue to follow us and reach out if you would like to get involved. #repairsonline