Funding Received for Beta

We are pleased to announce that our application for Beta was successful!

Our plan is to take our learning from the previous phases to create an MVP, allowing customers to choose and book an appointment that will integrate with numerous scheduling systems. In the early stages of this phase some of the high level objectives we aim to complete are:

  1. Consider the best location for the test environment ad API
  2. Build a user interface in an open source code platform
  3. Create a common API to integrate with scheduling software
  4. Complete a private beta with key stakeholders – users acceptance testing. Continuing user research focusing on ensuring the chosen solution works as well as possible. Iterating the service based on these findings 
  5. Integration to 3rd party systems including; GOV.UK Notify for process updates  
  6. Set up a support team to respond to user queries, communicate changes, fix bugs, write supporting documentation, monitor the ops plan and implementation. 
  7. Pen test our product to ensure security of system 
  8. Synthesize findings confirming common API options 
  9. Iterate common service pattern and common API 

We are looking forward to seeing the product become a reality and working with new partners.

We will be posting regular updates as the project progresses so please keep checking back.