Beta start

Well this is a long overdue update, but we are pleased to say we have had our inception workshop with our new partners for this round. MadeTech were our chosen supplier and they have hit the ground running with us.

It’s been great starting on the project again, reminding ourselves of the challenges and key findings from the previous rounds and setting out a clear plan for the project. The value of using Agile to manage a project such as this is so clear, giving everyone clear expectations and an understanding of what will be delivered.

The project will kick-off with a week long inception, after which there will be 3 phases with clearly defined milestones and measurable outcomes. In each phase we will build the MVP in 2-week iterations, delivering thin slices of user-focused value incrementally.

We will be posting regular updates on our progress now the project is back in full swing and inviting key stakeholders and collaborators to show and tells and any other open events that we hold.