Beta – Sprint 1 Show & Share

Well – we have completed our first sprint in beta and its been a busy one for sure! You can check out our first show and share in the video below, but to here are some of the successes from this sprint:

  • Built beta prototype
  • Established connectivity to DRS & Azure
  • Validated our technical approach
  • Set up CI/CD
  • Built and deployed our Landing Page 
  • Planned for first round of user research

Beta Prototype

The team walked through the prototype from alpha, updating the text and refining the customer journey ready for user testing. This included analysis of SoR’s most commonly used that are applicable to this reporting method and expanding the options to include these and all room options. The issue selection branching was also simplified to give a common experience and user journey.

Established connectivity to DRS & Azure

We created servers on the Lincoln Azure tenant for deployment of our code, in addition to a GitHub repository, which we will be sharing in the near future as the code develops.

We also confirmed that the best method to test integration to the scheduling software was to utilise the Lincoln DRS test environment. Following this web services and connection have been established, however we still have a lot of investigation to complete our understanding of the API calls, which we are working closely with the supplier on.

Planned for first round of user research

We have utilised various sources to pull together a comprehensive user base covering different personas and accessibility needs.

Options for both face to face and remote sessions are being worked upon.

You can see our full progress in our show and share:

We have clear expectations of the project goals ahead of us, so please keep checking back on our progress here or do reach out to the team from the contact page with any questions that you have.