Beta – Sprint 2 Show and Share

So here we are at the end of Sprint 2. We have faced some challenges but it hasn’t stopped us making really good progress. The things we have focused on are:

  • Refining the prototype 
  • Deepening knowledge of the DRS web services
  • Conducted 1st round of user research
  • Built various repositories and pipelines
  • Added validation to pages

I think its worth mentioning that the team has continued to work well on this sprint, we have had to make some decisions on the direction of the project, demonstrating the benefits of an Agile approach. Everyone remains positive and energized for the next sprint, so expect some exciting progress again next time.

Prototype refinement

The prototype really has progressed over the past few weeks from what was linear reporting experience focusing on one issue. We have added

  • Customised the text to be specific and relevant to Lincoln
  • Simplified language, removing any jargon
  • Added branching for all rooms in the property
  • Expanded the repairs that can be reported to include most common issues and repairs we want to encourage through this route
  • Added clear emergency exit points
  • Introduced commonality to user journey with 3 level tiered reporting for all repair classifications

This has put us into a great position ready for the user research, giving our residents a really good product to test with. We acknowledge that it wont be perfect, but its now offers more complete user experience for us to test and validate with customers.

DRS knowledge

Following some time with OneAdvanced consultants we have been able to retrieve data back from the webservices and return some calendar availability, however it has also become clear that we didn’t fully understand the requirements of this system at the start of this project.

The complexity of the calls, and flow of data, is something we are still trying to fully understand. With more time booked in with the supplier during the next sprint, we are confident we will have the knowledge to decide the best technical approach to returning appointment options for a customer, a key objective of this phase.

User Research round 1

We have reached out to residents, tenant panels, support groups and charities in order to maximise our reach and potential of user research and testing during this sprint. It is important to us that accessibility needs are considered as part of the testing so every effort is being made to ensure we have multiple personas as part of the testing.

The first round of face-to-face testing was carried out at 2 locations in Lincoln during this sprint, with some early feedback on the prototype gathered. As this was done on the last 2 days of the sprint, we need to synthesis the findings and will update you on these in the next sprint.

The Show and Share

With some of the key objectives covered why don’t you sit back, relax and enjoy the show and share session. As always if you have any questions please reach out to us on the contact page