Beta – Sprint 3 Show and Share

The weeks are flying by, it’s hard to believe we are already at the end of the 3rd sprint. So, what have we been up to? A real focus for us this sprint was to start to utilise the integration options with Lincoln’s scheduling software, but we also managed to squeeze in a few other tasks too:

  • Built new MVP pages – ‘Ineligible properties’, ‘Identify repair location’ based on prototype v2
  • Performed DRS integration tech spike 
  • Continued to build the Repairs and Housing Management APIs
  • Analysed user research data and gained insights
  • Created beta prototype v3 and started to incorporate new design and copy changes
  • Started planning for 2nd round of user research
  • Presented at Local Gov Camp

DRS Integration

We met, virtually, with a consultant from OneAdvanced to help us understand the requirements of the systems web service. This was a really useful session and we were left with the knowledge of how to check availability and book an appointment time. We have since tested this in Lincoln’s sandbox environment and successfully ran through this process.

User Research

We met with 9 Lincoln residents to test prototype v2, these users identified as Digitally excluded with Low digital confidence and averaging 3.5/9.

We have gained some invaluable feedback from this and have iterated the design based on this feedback. Some key insights were:

  • 3/8 could identify their problem
  • 9/9 could describe their problem
  • 7/9 could upload an image, only 2/9 understood if they did it correctly
  • 9/9 could select an appointment
  • 5/9 thought their appointment was booked mid journey
  • 3/9 thought it was booked at the end.

The customer journey was mapped and customer feedback from the sessions overlaid, clearly highlighting the pain points in the journey. This provided us with the evidence to iterate the prototype so that the customer experience was improved and their needs met.

Prototype update

Responding to the user research and keeping our vision very much at the front of product development, we have updated the prototype (v3) to ensure it meets the needs of our customers.

We have made lots of changes in response to the feedback, especially for pages where users found them confusing, but one of the key changes we are keen to test again is the expanded description on the repair identification as you can see below.

Show and Share

Why not take a look at our latest Show and Share, so you can see and listen to the progress made in more detail: