Beta – Sprint 7 Show and Share

As the festive and holiday season approaches, we have been busy delivering our seventh sprint, edging ever closer to our go-live in the new year. Our focus for this sprint has been:

  • Continued development of our MVP with new pages that include:
    • Repair appointment availability (choose date/time for repair, 2nd page)
    • Repair request summary (review and change)
    • Repair contact details (contact number on day of repair)
  • API updates
    • Repair API to return appropriate data to optimise performance
    • Include unique property reference in new ‘Reference’ field for address lookups
  • Promotion of the project
  • Service support model discussions
  • Configuration of Lincolns test DRS to support our scheduled repair pilot
  • Reviewed Cancel/Amend Repair wireframes

Continued to develop our MVP

The linear journey, which allows a user to log a repair for a kitchen cupboard, is nearly complete in our MVP, mirroring the prototype developed from our user research. We just have the confirmation page to build in Sprint 8.

Our focus for the new year will be to add the additional repair types, the steps before and after the repair selection are part of our linear journey and will be reusable for all repair types.

Promotion of the project

It has been really positive to have a number of councils reach out to us to engage with the project.

I have been more than happy to do a few presentations of our progress so far to existing and potentially new partners during this sprint. Highlighting the reasons why this project is important and talking with different stakeholders from across the authorities.

The last session was recorded and anyone wanting to give an overview of the project to their colleagues might find this video a useful start, but as always please do reach out to us if you have any specific questions

Support Model

It was great to catch-up and share ideas with the Drupal Project team on the work they have commenced on a potential support model. Continuing the theme of making reusable and shareable outputs we anticipate working alongside this team, DLUHC and other digital fund projects to develop wider support model options.

As our project is quite technically complex, we are considering different support arrangements for the various aspects. These could include support arrangements for:

  • The common service pattern
  • The user front end
  • The API Layer

Reviewed Cancel/Amend Repair wireframes

We have started to consider the future development path of the product and how we can add functionality to cancel or amend a repair. The team really see what we have developed so far as a platform to build upon to which we can continually iterate.

An early wire frame has been developed for this and we are considering the best approach to authenticate a user without requiring a login, as logins were identified as a barrier in user testing.

We see this functionality as being a strong focus in future development as it is a process that accounts for a large percentage of calls. We hope to be able to share more on this following our MVP launch.

The show and share session

Hopefully you will enjoy our very festive look in this show and share as you watch and listen to the progress made in more detail: