Beta 2 – Sprint 1 Show and Share

We have hit the ground running with our first sprint and made good progress including:

  • First prototype for Newark created
  • Drafted the phase research plan based on research aims
  • Scheduled and planned the first research days with Newark tenants
  • Second prototype for Newark prepared for the research days
  • Newark have made progress with the technical set up requirements for linking services

Parallel to this Lincoln’s service has now been live for over a month and the initial data collections show the service is being used and issues reported are minimal. Promotion of the service started in a controlled way from mid-May and will continue in this manner so the success of different promotion methods can be assessed as much as possible, thereby providing some guidance for future rollouts for other adoptees.

Show and Share

Rather than reading masses of detail, the best way to check out our progress, results and to see a demo of Lincoln’s live service is to catch up on our Show and Share. 

If you want to know more or are interested in getting involved please get in contact through the Contact page.