Beta 2 – Sprint 2 Show and Share

The temperature has been rising outside but we haven’t been stopping for ice creams with online repairs! Great progress has been made during the latest sprint with several different focus areas. Highlights have included:

  • First user research sessions completed
  • Insight analysis of first research sessions
  • Updates to text in MVP
  • Incorporate additional SOR’s
  • Terraform tech spike
  • Set up of service elements such as gov.notify for Newark & Sherwood
  • System process investigations for Newark & Sherwood

I have also been busy with project colleagues as we delivered a presentation on the project for Digital Leaders week. My colleague Dave covered the strategic backdrop and influences that led to our decision to get involved in online repairs – well worth checking out if you are considering getting involved with online repairs or other similar projects. The talk is available here: 

Show and Share

This week’s show and share focused on the user research results for MVP improvements and new journeys of amend or cancel an appointment; and the terraform tech spike.  User research is particularly close to my heart and it was great to hear from Mel how the participants reacted to some of the latest changes and the new user journeys for amending and cancelling a repair.

If you want to know more or are interested in getting involved please get in contact with me through the Contact page.