Beta 2 – Sprint 3 Show and Share

As we reach the end of sprint 3 it’s been great week to reflect on how the teamwork is starting to gel together across the different organisations as we develop the best ways of working to meet the group needs. For me it’s a pleasure to be working with a dynamic and enthusiastic group of individuals.

It has also been fantastic to hear how the service is helping tenants and staff at Lincoln; in 2 months they have reduced their pandemic backlog of appointments to book by 60%; the number of repairs booked online increased by 83% and the number of repairs booked online outside the 9am to 5pm period increased by 31%.

Key achievements during the latest sprint include:

  • Updated the prototype
  • Defined and workshopped the user journey for communal repairs
  • Preparations for user research with Newark tenants
  • Information gathering on leaseholder repair journeys
  • Provisioned API infrastructure using Terraform
  • Technical prep work with DRS

July also marks four years since the launch of the Local Digital Declaration, a shared vision for the future of local public services. Newark and Sherwood signed up in 2021 and without that commitment we may not have taken the step of getting involved with online repairs reporting. If you’re not in a position to get involved with online repairs, don’t forget to check out the other local authority funded projects on and see where you can get involved.  There is lots of amazing work going on and throughout July Local Digital will be highlighting the impact of the Declaration on the Local Digital movement.

Show and Share

This week’s show and share is focused on sharing insights from Scott @ City of Lincoln on the performance of the service at Lincoln, along with his plans on delivering benefits to a wider group of internal staff. More next time on the further technical developments and feedback from the user research.