Beta 2 – Sprint 4 Show and Share

Sprint 4 has drawn to a close and thankfully the show and share didn’t grind to a halt due to the heat. The user research and prototype development is rounding out the product nicely however, we are acutely aware that we are building a product based on a very small number of different authority ways of working. What we’d really like is to have more authorities involved and hear how the suggestions would (or wouldn’t) work for you. To get involved we are not looking for a commitment to take forward online repairs right now, ideally we’d hope you would be interested in adopting it in the next couple of years so your time investment is worthwhile but no level of commitment to adoption is required.

We are also still looking for another council to partner with to support the ease of replication with another system planned for the end of this phase. Don’t be shy, if you’re interested please get in contact, it would be great to have a quick chat to understand your current systems and processes.

Show and Share

This week’s show and share focused in on the second round of user research which focused on the communal repair journey. It was very heartening to see the tests work well with users who were on non-laptop devices and the changes such as separating the photo upload functionality from the problem description.  It was also such a great pleasure to see so many different names join this time;  if you have questions or areas you would like to see covered in a future show and share please do get in contact and tell us what elements of the project you would like to see more of.