Beta 2 – Sprint 6 Show and Share

The conclusion of sprint 6 has signalled the end of user testing and finalising of the prototype changes. The engineering team have completed a variety of work this phase including work on the service page to ensure they are accessibility compliant to AA standards and started added validation to pages.

With the conclusion of user research and the final version of the prototype in place it is a good time to make it available more widely. If you would like to receive access to the prototype to review it at your leisure then please send a message request via the contact page and details will be shared with you.

Linking back to the future if you have future functionality ideas or change suggestions please share them with us as we appreciate you being a critical friend to the project and service.

We also continue to edge towards being able to get the MVP live at Newark. The Newark team have been working with our housing management system provider to adapt our existing set up within Newark to allow for the appointments raised by online repairs to automatically push back into our HMS – whilst not a requirement for the online repairs project for proof of replication, it will streamline the online repairs process for staff by reducing the need for manual transfer of data between systems.

Export reports for property addresses are now created for the repair types (tenant, leaseholder and communal areas); there have been some amends needed from the first versions to get the data in the right format for consumption by online repairs. As a by product of the report work we have taken the time to look at how our data is formatted as especially for communal areas we had several variations in formatting that have been updated to give what we hope is the best format for service users to understand. 

Whilst it has meant additional effort and resource, I’m pleased that we’ve managed to make the improvements that will support the overall service experience for both service staff and services users and we are looking forward to hopefully getting the tenant MVP in place and launched to tenants within the next couple of months.

Show and Share

In this week’s show and share Mike takes us through the prototype developments from this phase, shown against the MVP from the last phase.