Beta 2 – Sprint 7 Show and Share

Accessibility and security have been the main drivers over the past sprint. Both areas are close to completion and whilst the upcoming sprint will be move the focus towards integrations for the MVP the outstanding accessibility tickets are not forgotten and will be peppered over the next few sprints. Part of our change in focus for the next sprint will be towards the required integrations for Newark with the aim of moving us closer towards the MVP live launch as an interim stage before the wider functionality MVP launch which is due by the end of the phase.

Show and Share

This week’s show and share is a short summary covering the actions taken and plans for the next sprint. I also reiterate the request for feedback. It’s a topic I keep returning to but feedback and conversations about the needs of different organisations is key to making products like the online repair reporting the best they possibly can be. If you’d like to have a conversation about the service or would like to fill us in on the gaps in the MVP as you see them, please reach out – my contact details are on the contact page or get in touch via LinkedIn