Beta 2 – Sprint 8 Show and Share

Sprint 8 has been a whirlwind of activity with the tech team making great strides to tick off tasks such as accessibility and progress the implementation of the MVP for Newark and Sherwood. On a personal level I haven’t been around much as I moved house at the start of the sprint so whilst I haven’t seen the day to day progress of the tech team closely, it has given me renewed perspective on why I strongly believe in the benefits of implementing online repairs and the affirmation that we have made the right choices in the solution development. The lack of requirement to log in for online repairs is invaluable and removes barriers to use and re-use by tenants; having spent the last 2 weeks trying to update accounts and services the requirement for an account or frustrations accessing the account has caused frustrations across both public and private sector services.

With online repairs the ability to raise a repair without the need for resetting passwords (because you haven’t logged in for an age or password complexity requirements have changed) or finding relevant additional details such as account or property numbers (for me they are located on paper bills somewhere in one of the boxes containing paperwork that are way, way down the list for unpacking; for others the paperwork may have been thrown away) removes the barriers that result in people putting off a task to another day and maximises the chance that people will become repeat users as they haven’t had barriers or blocks put in their way.

Show and Share

This week’s show and share has contributions from Bhavesh talking about work completed on the data driven UI and Mark sharing how display address has been set up for Newark to take account for the differentiation between tenants, leaseholder and communal repairs. Wendy also talks us through the latest performance stats and insights from Lincoln’s live service.