Beta 2 – Sprint 10 Show and Share

Excuse me while I do a double take – 10 sprints completed? 10!!!

If everyone had been available all of the time this should have been our final sprint. However with other commitments coming into play, we still have a small number more to push through the additional functionality such as appointment changes, leasehold and communal repairs into the main product release.

For Newark the MVP is nearly there with the final delay being caused by our desire to iron out the last minor issues to enable DRS to create appointments within our Housing Management System Capita. This is an important area for us to ensure smooth processes and transfer of information between the two systems. By ensuring it’s right at this stage it should help ensure that we can continue having the right links through for amending and cancelling appointments without requiring a lot of manual intervention with the HMS.

I must also give a big shoutout to our engineering team as some start to offboard and move onto other projects. The expanded team have been a pleasure to work with and their work with the core engineers invaluable with helping the delivery of a robust product. 

Show and Share

This week’s show and share includes an update from Wendy on Lincoln’s live service results and a run through of the MVP.