Beta 2 – Sprint 12 Show and Share

It’s been a sprint of highs and lows. Getting confirmation that the final step of job creation couldn’t be set up to come from DRS and transfer into our housing management system turned into a pretty big low for the Newark team as it means we can’t justify going live with the MVP as we would be ‘breaking’ existing links between our systems and increasing the workload for repairs staff as they would have to manually create jobs and transfer details to the housing management system. However not to be defeated, with good communication between consultants of both suppliers the process needed was confirmed and we have since validated that a similar process of job creation first is needed at many other councils to allow for best process and minimal risks. The Newark team have spent the rest of the sprint researching and documenting the process and the information needed which will support a tech spike to investigate technical effort.

The revised process required for our systems is:

Whilst we are disappointed to have to delay the launch of online repairs reporting at Newark and Sherwood we have to accept that the impacts of going live in the current form were just too great and we have a potential solution that can be used as a blueprint to implement with other integrations. An extra tech spike has been commissioned in order to investigate the level of effort needed to implement a create job first for the housing management system so it can be considered when that work can be achieved. In line with this it would be great to hear from other organisations as to how your jobs and appointments are set up to work, we’re looking to map and validate what information is needed to transfer to and from online repairs for create job calls with different housing systems. If you’re happy to assist with this please get in touch with me (details on the contact us page).

The highs have been a great meeting facilitated by DLUHC with councils interested in the project and those already involved. We discussed functionality and needs for the future to ensure online repairs reporting can be adopted by a wide range of councils with different needs in regards to deployment and ongoing support. The engineering team have completed the full MVP tenant journey and are within a couple of tickets away from completing the communal journey. It is timely progress considering we are entering the final few weeks of the current phase.

Show and Share

Ben and the engineering team demonstrate the communal journey which is now nearly complete and there’s also an update on the live service results from Lincoln which continue to show value of the service introduction with highest use outside of contact centre opening hours.